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FreedomSmith Collaborative offers a private, co-working space designed exclusively for personal trainers and health professionals to practice their craft with complete business freedom.

Join FreedomSmith Collaborative and be part of a network of health professionals, with 24-hour access to a private, fully equipped fitness studio that you can call your own. We will advertise for you, provide business coaching & professional tools, and you keep 100% of your client revenue!

You’ve worked hard to become a fitness professional, and you deserve the opportunity to run your business with complete freedom!

Schedule a tour today and discover how FreedomSmith Collaborative can take you to the next level!

FreedomSmith Collaborative - Be Part Of A Network

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We’re a coworking space in Norman that caters specifically to freelance personal trainers! Our idea is pretty simple: freelancers supporting freelancers. By sharing our physical space with one another, we learn from each other, hire each each other, and support each other. Each of us is like an element, combining in unique ways to create powerful content. 

It’s not just a gym; it’s a community and it’s value to help bring your freelancing career to what it should be: successful and balanced.

FreedomSmith Collaborative - Choose A Plan

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Visit our frequently asked questions page for information about how to get started and how we can be of help.

And if you still have a question that you can’t find the answer to, please call us or contact us and we will reply to your question personally.

FreedomSmith Collaborative - Gather More Info

Claim Your Freedom

FreedomSmith Collaborative was created with a vision to have positive social impact and solutions that work for all. Our members are a vibrant community of personal trainers.

At FreedomSmith Collaborative, you will find a trusted community of like-minded peers, partners and supporters to exchange thoughts and collaborate.

FreedomSmith Collaborative - Claim Your Freedom

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