Freedom Begins Here

I am David Smith, a personal trainer and life coach with over 18 years of experience in the fitness industry.

FreedomSmith Collaborative is the product of a dream and vision I’ve had for as long as I can remember.

I've created a facility that offers a private, co-working space designed exclusively for personal trainers and health professionals to practice their craft with complete business freedom.

FreedomSmith Collaborative - Freedom Begins Here

Join FreedomSmith Collaborative and be part of a network of health professionals, with 24-hour access to a private, fully equipped fitness studio that you can call your own. We will advertise for you, provide business coaching & professional tools, and you keep 100% of your client revenue!

You’ve worked hard to become a fitness professional, and you deserve the opportunity to run your business with complete freedom!

FreedomSmith Collaborative - What You've Been Searching For
FreedomSmith Collaborative - Freedom Begins Here

What's A Collaborative Space

A collaborative space is a social gathering of personal trainers, fitness instructors and health professionals who work independently, but share similar values and ideas.  Individuals who are interested in the synergy that can happen from networking and performing their craft alongside other health and wellness professionals.

What You've Been Searching For

We’ve all lost clients due to a lack of workspace or unrealistic financial burdens. I spent years searching for an opportunity to practice personal training without sharing 55% of my profit or having to ask my clients to join someone else’s gym.

I never found what I was looking for, so I created it! It is now my honor to share it with you!

Plug In To FreedomSmith

You work hard in your space, but how hard is your space working for you? Get work done, stay motivated, and connect with people.

Personable, patient and willing to modify your workout to make you comfortable until you are ready to push your boundaries. This type of personalization makes it easy to keep a good routine without worrying about injuries or exhaustion. My sessions were weekly and about 30 min. I lost about 5 lbs total in a span of 1 month. Highly recommended!

Staci D.

I trained with David for about 2 years. I did 1 on 1 strength training and HIIT. I had also participated in group classes that involved various stations with a mix of weights, bands and sometimes just my own body weight. David made sure there were modifications if I couldn’t lift or do what another could do without making me feel insecure. He kept me going when I wanted to give up many times. Always telling me, “come on, you’ve done this before”. Loved his motivational quotes of the day! David got me into the best shape I have ever been in. I told him what I wanted to work on and he listened instead of stirring me away from my goals. David knows the struggle with weight and had never put me down even if I messed up in the process. This guy knows his stuff! If your looking to burn fat and/or build muscle, he’s your guy. He’s a big guy but don’t be intimated. I highly recommend him to be your trainer!

Vanessa H.

David is a great trainer. He pushes you to do your best, gives encouragement, and explains in easy to understand terms how to properly use equipment. Importantly, David helps you stretch properly after your workouts, and gets you excited about coming back for the next session. A fun and knowledgeable trainer if you’re serious about improving.

Jon M.

My whole team (of health care providers) started training with David in 2015. After EVERY session, we were sweaty and exhausted, but motivated and PUMPED!! Other people started asking to workout with David as well because what he was doing was obviously working! We are now in the best shape of our lives, physically and spiritually!! David is an inspiration, a man of God, and one heck of a trainer and coach!!!!! He knows what he’s doing! He’s so likeable! And he WILL change your life!


David provides actual personal training not the cookie cutter one training fit all. He’s very through from the work out to inspiration quote. Awesome guy to work with!

Kysha W.

I’ve worked with a ton of trainers over the years, and David is honestly the most professional, well-educated and motivating trainers I’ve ever met. He made fitness FUN and when that happens, the rest is cake! Well, not literally cake… 🙂

Monica M.

David is very motivational, holds you accountable for your workouts but gives you the boost to complete it. Over the course of 2 years of working out 5 days a week I was in the best shape I have ever been in. I lost a total of 20 lbs and maintained that, I had muscle tone and definition in all areas. I was lifting heavy while still getting cardio in. Overall, if you are seeking out a personal trainer try working with David I know you won’t be disappointed.

April C.

David was very knowledgeable and extremely patient. He was also very motivating and down to earth, he truly cares for his clients and their well-being.

Bri W.

I have had several trainers in my life, and David has truly been the best. He pushes you (in the healthiest way, so you don’t get injured) to do things that you never thought were possible. Every session was a challenge. He is encouraging and still to this day supports and celebrates my health goals. He has an approach that helps the mind and body!

Rebecca H.

Choose A Plan

FreedomSmith Collaborative - Choose A Plan

We’re a coworking space in Norman that caters specifically to freelance personal trainers! Our idea is pretty simple: freelancers supporting freelancers. By sharing our physical space with one another, we learn from each other, hire each each other, and support each other. Each of us is like an element, combining in unique ways to create powerful content. 

It’s not just a gym; it’s a community and it’s value to help bring your freelancing career to what it should be: successful and balanced.

FreedomSmith Collaborative - Choose A Plan

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