We're in the business of connecting with you, and you with others. By now you've probably read our About page, glanced at photos of the Facility and looked at the Plans. But now you have some questions about how to get started, what to expect, and whether or not FreedomSmith Collaborative is a good fit for your needs.

FreedomSmith Collaborative - ​FAQs

​We've created this FAQ page to put your ​concerns to rest and to make sure you have all the information you need in order to ​make an informed decision.

FreedomSmith Collaborative - ​FAQs
  • ​What's a collaborative space?

A collaborative space is a social gathering of personal trainers, fitness instructors and health professionals who work independently, but share similar values and ideas. Individuals who are interested in the synergy that can happen from networking and performing their craft alongside other health and wellness professionals.

  • ​What exactly is FreedomSmith Collaborative?

​FreedomSmith Collaborative is a membership club that brings together personal trainers, fitness instructors and health professionals who need a place to conduct their business in an interactive space.

  • ​Where are you located?

Our physical Address is:

FreedomSmith Collaborative

4150 28th Ave SW, Suite 115, Norman, OK 73069

  • ​Can I use FreedomSmith Collaborative for my business address?

​Absolutely!  Check our plans page for details.

  • ​How do I become a member?

​Set up a tour and we will take it from there!

  • ​What does membership at FreedomSmith Collaborative include?

Your FreedomSmith Collaborative membership includes the office and fitness studio infrastructure you need and the amenities you want. Specifically:

  • 24/7 Access to Fitness Studio
  • Marketing for Trainer (Post Headshot and Bio on Website w/direct link to trainer’s email)
  • Professional Email Address
  • Professional Business Cards (100 Business Cards with Trainers Info)
  • Quarterly Business Coaching
  • Business Address
  • Exclusive Discounts with our Local Partners
  • First Access to Studio Reservation Calendar
  • Ability to Workout at FSC (Drop your costly gym membership)
  • ​What are the qualifications to join FreedomSmith Collaborative?
  • Current national accredited certification 
  • Liability insurance for you and your clients
  • Desire to share your knowledge and experience with other members
  • Ability to run your own business
    • ​How many hours am I allowed to train clients?

    ​That’s completely up to you!  You’ll have 24/7 access to the office and fitness studio.  It’s your business so you work as hard as you want to work.

    • ​Do you offer any membership discounts?

    We gladly offer discounts for military, veterans, and all first responders.  Set up a tour and we can discuss details.

    ​Choose A Plan

    FreedomSmith Collaborative - ​Choose A Plan

    ​We’re a coworking space in Norman that caters specifically to freelance personal trainers! Our idea is pretty simple: freelancers supporting freelancers. By sharing our physical space with one another, we learn from each other, hire each each other, and support each other. Each of us is like an element, combining in unique ways to create powerful content. 

    It’s not just a gym; it’s a community and it’s value to help bring your freelancing career to what it should be: successful and balanced.

    FreedomSmith Collaborative - ​Choose A Plan

    ​Claim Your Freedom

    FreedomSmith Collaborative - ​​Claim Your Freedom

    ​​FreedomSmith Collaborative was created with a vision to have positive social impact and solutions that work for all. Our members are a vibrant community of personal trainers.

    At FreedomSmith Collaborative, you will find a trusted community of like-minded peers, partners and supporters to exchange thoughts and collaborate.

    FreedomSmith Collaborative - ​​Claim Your Freedom

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